January 23, 2013

Why Two Trips to the NEDC?

If you want to see how we ended up going to the NEDC to begin with, please see yesterday's post.
We indeed have adopted our little babies from Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency's Snowflake program. We will be traveling to the NEDC though for our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). 

In order for a  Reproductive Endricronlogist (RE) to do an FET, the doctor schedules what is called a Mock Transfer at least a month prior to the actual FET. At this appointment, the doctor will visit with us about the upcoming transfer, the embryologist will discuss the protocol for thawing our little ones, I will have blood work drawn, and then an exam with the doctor including an ultrasound. During this exam, one of the things the doctor will be doing will be measuring the thickness of my uterine lining. The RE wants to see this lining super thick. To assist in the lining being super thick, the RE precribes estrogen for me to take leading up to this initial appointment. Some REs prescribe estrogen in patches and others prescribe oral estrogen. 

My first RE with Sarah's transfer prescribed estrogen patches. I respoded well to those. They were inexpensive and did the job. Dr. K prescribes the name brand estrogen pill Estrace. I take 2mg a day for the first 9 days and then I add an additional 2mg a day until my appointment in February. At that time, I will be given the rest of my prescription protocol for the actual FET in March.

I started Estrace last Thursday. It has made me nauseous. It isn't bad, but it is there and I am hoping my body adjusts to the medication and the nausea will subside sooner than later. February 5th we will be on a plane to Knoxville, TN for our appt at the NEDC February 6th. It will be here sooner than later. It is time to fonalize the airline arrangements and reserve our rental car and hotel. Wow. We are getting closer than I thought.

Next Post: travel arrangements for trip #1


  1. YEA! We are in the process of EA thru the NEDC as well! Praying for you!

  2. So exciting!! We are also with nedc transfer in march. Matched with 15 embies last week!!!


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