January 24, 2013

Travel Plans to NEDC for Mock Transfer

Well, we booked our flight and made all other travel arrangements for our trip in February. After searching for the best deals possible, we came up with the following:

airfare for two leaving on 2/5 - returning on 2/6 to Knoxville    $786.20
Rental car for 24 hours                                                                       $  49.28
Hotel stay for one night in Knoxville   (used hotel points)          $    0.00
Total for travel:                                                                              $835.48

We will have free breakfast on Wednesday morning at the hotel and I have a gift card for Outback steakhouse for Tuesday night. That leaves us needing to pay for lunch on Wednesday before we fly home.

Our trip in March will be more. It is Spring Break week and our tickets alone will be  $20 more and our car rental will be more since we will be staying an extra day. Our hotel though will be free again since we have plenty of points to cover that stay.

Oh, and I am still waiting for my body to adjust to this Estrace. I am still finding I am off and on queasy most of the day. The nurse at the NEDC, said that the queasiness is normal and my body should adjust soon.

Next post: Adoption Finances. So where are we? What do we have? What are our needs?

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  1. Praying for you, Shannon!!! Hope we are preggo together!! : )


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