October 25, 2012

EA #2--The Story-Part 2

Welcome back to the story. If you have not read EA#--Part 1, go read it here first.

I left off where we were contacted by a couple who saw our profile on the Miracles Waiting website. The couple was in the process of placing their embryos with an adoptive family. They asked us some questions, we answered. We waited. Then, when we thought we were off their short list, they emailed again. This went on for a couple of weeks. We did not hear anything again for awhile. This was okay with us actually since we were uncomfortable with a couple of things that came up in the email exchanges. During this same time, we contacted our coordinator at Nightlight who handled our first Embryo Adoption. We wanted to confirm she would be open to be a reference in case a donor family requested references.

This opened a conversation about why we had not contacted Nightlight for our second embryo adoption. We explained that with Sarah not even a year old yet, we were just "making ourselves available to the Lord to adopt again as we truly wanted to again. We also said that we didn't think we would be in a position even in the months ahead to afford the agency fees and home study fees. We were asked if we would consider looking at some situations where the embryos were considered "special embryos". We looked over the list and there was only one family that stood out to us. (I will explain more about that another time).

This family, however,  had a list of requirements for the adoptive family. Rhea and I met one of the requirements. The others, well, we didn't match up. When the agency contacted us later that week to see if we saw a situation we might want to inquire about, we told our coordinator that we only saw one. We shared the information and we were told that they would contact the family and see what their thoughts were at this time.

We received a phone call by the next day, telling us that the family had a few questions for us. We were surprised as we weren't thinking this would go anywhere. We answered the questions and waited. The next day, a few more questions arrived. We answered those. Within just a couple of days, the genetic parents responded that they would accept us as a match!

Stay tuned: pt. 3 coming Friday. (It is close to completion and I will schedule it to post tomorrow)

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