October 2, 2012

A lot Can Happen in a Year...or Two


  • We had just returned from Dallas after my appointment for our mock transfer (our clinic is pictured above). We found out we were going to need another $3000 to pay for additional testing I would have to have before the RE would perform the FET.

  • We got to work organizing a giant garage sale with the help of our church family and friends. The Lord blessed us with over $3,000 in this garage sale.


  • I was holding a one month old precious baby girl in my arms for hours on end. I was soaking in every coo, cry, little breath, every squirm and wiggle.


  • Watching that same little girl walk, okay, run as fast as her chunky, little legs can take her across the room. She is 13 months old today!

  • I am gathering all the last pieces of paperwork to send to the social worker to complete our home study. We have one form to notarize and we have everything ready to mail.

  • and 2 years later...I think I am finding the itch (thanks to the children) to gear up for a garage & yard sale once again!


  1. Agreed! Great post! I am right with you... marveling at God's plans as they unfold before my eyes. Praying for your next miracle baby. =)

  2. Yay!!!!
    Btw- I've missed these Room for More posts. :)

  3. This is so exciting! I miss you!


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