September 28, 2012

Did you say, "paper"?

Each kiddo is so different and our sweet BabyBear definitely has things about her that makes her special and unique. Let me mention one of her favorite activities that she will run to do if we are not quick to catch her.

Paper-ripping, tearing, shredding, crumbling, sucking, scattering, throwing.

Yes, this could mean birthday wrapping paper (as you see above),

the family magazine rack,

toilet paper,

paper napkins that fall to the floor,

pile of junk mail ready for the shredder,

Our daily devotional, Tabletalk (which has been hilarious watching me piece it together to read each morning since she destroyed it).

So, though we continue to "stay on top of" this behavior, she still gravitates to it. She is not destructive with other things, she is quite content with her toys and playing with siblings, she just likes, no, scratch that, LOVES paper--how it feels, how it sounds, and I suppose all the attention it draws when she has some of it ; )

So, based on her LOVE of paper, it should be only fitting that we chose her to be our personal assistant to help us in the paperchase. That is correct, our family has begun the adoption process again! We are working on gathering all the papers for the social worker. In fact, my assistant, is in her pack -n- play right now playing with her toys while I type this waiting for me to finish so we can get back to work. Though, I think she will help me with the true paperwork from a distance ; )

Would you like to hear more??

I'll see if my assistant will allow for another post in a bit...


  1. YES!!!!! I WANT TO HEAR MORE!!!!! Oh my stars, you have the cutest assistant!!!!

  2. Kaylee loves to shred and crumple paper also! And she loves napkins and kleenex (she calls them "nose").
    Can't wait to hear more!

  3. So excited to hear all about the plans!!

  4. Can't wait to see where God takes you!

  5. Tell us more! That's so exciting!!


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