December 1, 2011

Video Transfer

Dustin & Levi have purchased all the equipment and have been transferring all of our years of family home videos to DVDs for our family. With their transfer equipment, software programs and their trusty MacBook Pros, they have been able to edit, give titles, intros, and dates to consolidate boxes of VHS and camcorder tapes from two different cameras. They are even taking all of our digital recordings off our flash drives and SD cards and organizing it all into a lovely DVD collection and also backing it all up to an external hard drive.

They recently started taking on clients to do the same for others. Their prices are competitive and the work in a timely manner. Yes, you know you have the same boxes of tapes sitting in a closet somewhere waiting to be moved to a new format!

Contact Dustin and Levi and let them transfer your memories to a format you can watch and enjoy with family and friends for the years to come.

Email with questions and for current pricing

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