December 1, 2011

Ebay/ Craigslist Sales

Dustin & Levi have recently took over my eBay/Craigslist business. In the past, I sold items for others who did not have the time to sell their stuff. I charged a percentage of the final sales price. That money went toward our adoption fund to adopt our precious Sarah.

Now, the boys have taken over this area and have done really well. They have learned how to research to find a competitive price and they sell the items for a fair price and are able to move items quickly.

They are using my eBay user ID and you are more than welcome to look and see what they have recently sold. Please email Dustin & Levi to discuss any item you think you would like to sell. If you were going to get rid of it anyway, why not let them try to sell it for you!

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