August 17, 2011

What I Will Miss & A Poll for You

It's funny, I haven't wanted this pregnancy to end. I know it sounds strange, but those who are close to us understand. I have been savoring every kick, jab, long-lasting bout of hiccups, and even the strange way this baby likes to rest his/her  bony parts on my sacrum (can we all saw OUCH?).  I will share a list of the things I will definitely miss and will soon forget if I don't record it. Trust me, so many time during this pregnancy, I have said to myself  "Oh yeah" when something happens that always happened when I have been pregnant before, but I definitely forgot about it.

I will surely miss:
  •  The changing of positions to keep us all on our toes this last month. We continue to always remember how this precious baby was the one who we were told by many doctors would not survive and now Mudpuppy is the most active and busy baby I have ever carried. "But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong" 1 Cor 1:27
  • Dreaming of what our baby will look like. Though we have been told by more than one u/s technician that this baby has a lot of hair, I love to think about what precious God-designed features I will be gazing at so very soon. 
  • Our other children, including our 16 year old, running to feel the baby when it is moving and kicking.
  • Our sixteen year old giggling like a child when he feels the baby's hiccups. He just thinks that is so "cool"
  • Having to change my shirt at least once a day because my belly has hit a counter or I spill something on myself. Oh, but wait, I will still have to change shirts because of baby spit up huh? 
  • The second trimester energy level. I got so much done. I never, ever, have that kind of energy unless I am pregnant in my 2nd trimester?
  • Cuddling & reading stories to the kids while they have their hands on my baby belly.
  • Rhea talking to the baby each night before bed. Rhea can settle down Mudpuppy so quickly with his voice. 
  • Not feeling guilty for walking by something on the floor instead of taking the time to bend down and pick it up.
  • Not feeling guilty if all I am able to pull off for dinner is sandwich night.
  • PookieBear as my "baby". I am treasuring these last couple of weeks with her being my little one. 
So, if I had posted this last week. The post would end there, but now that I am a couple of days away from 38 weeks and know that we are less than 2 weeks away from our induction, I have noticed something. Where, last week, I never wanted this pregnancy to end in so many ways, now I remember how these last couple of weeks, God transitions a mother into the "Nevermind, I am ready to have this baby" stage! So, while I reflect on the list above, I know that the Lord is preparing me for labor and delivery as I will not be missing any of the following things that have become "issues" this last week.
  • never-ending nightly heartburn and stuffy nose, lower back aches, the huge effort to get up from a sitting position, and a baby's precious little head pushing up against my lungs & diaphragm causing shortness of breath. 
Yes, I do not complain about any of these, because every step of this pregnancy I treasure through the tough stuff too, but God definitely is preparing me to let go of the pregnancy phase of this child's life and look forward and embrace the upcoming birth of our precious baby.

Tomorrow is our next appointment and u/s. and have decided on the baby names. During family worship last night ,it was such a sweet moment to hear the excitement of the kids as they can now put names to their Mudpuppy!

Here are two polls for you. You can guess the sex of the baby and also what position you think the baby will be in at tomorrow's ultra sound.

**above post edited (8/17 9:12 p.m.) b/c a dear EA buddy pointed out I used "his" in the first paragraph. I fixed it to say his/her, but just so you know Rhea & I have NO idea if our baby is a girl or a boy! Your guess is as good as ours!


  1. Sorry for how I voted, but you DID ask...LOL! :)

  2. Your first list made me weepy. I know I've already forgotten so much of what it was like to be pregnant. It makes me a little sad because I never made out a list of what I would miss. I wish I had! Ok- enough of that! I'm gonna go look at my sleeping baby and get happy again! Thanks for the post, Sharron! It was a reminder of the blessing of being able to carry my two, precious babies.


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