August 18, 2011

Head Down It Is!

Yes, Mudpuppy is head down, though I was told the head is high and I still have a lot of room for the baby to flip and move, so we will pray gravity does its job.
NST went well and the doctor checked me. He said I wasn't kidding that my body liked to hang on till the end. My cervix was closed tightly. We discussed that if everything continues to look this well, He may let me go in the day after Labor Day (40w 2d) for the induction. That would be a week later than originally planned! I am excited by the prospect because I have never gone into labor before 41 weeks and this new date would be closer to when my body would be ready.

Well, now to keep nesting!


  1. Did he tell you to do some jumping jacks to get that little head down lower~ ha! (Just kidding, I probably wouldn't recommend that!) That's great news, glad everything is going so well!

  2. That sounds great! You know your body better than anyone else. Bless you as you continue to nest!!

  3. yay! great news! my midwives believe that my baby is transverse. i'm only 32 - almost 33 - weeks, so i have a few more weeks for her to flip. but i'm trying to do a few things now.

    i think it's great for you to wait as long as possible for your induction. i give you a lot of credit for your willingness to wait it out. :)


  4. Hoping the LO stays where he/she is! Head down, that is. :)

    Glad things are continuing to go well!


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