March 21, 2011

Well, I thought I didn't have to go to the Dr. for 4 weeks!

Remember my OB wants me to have a Level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks? Well, apparently my OB sent my chart over to the MFM who my OB wants me to see. I got a call from the MFM's office today and she wants to see me ASAP. Really? I contacted my OB's office and they said if the MFM wants to see me sooner than I need to go. His guess is that it probably has to do with my 6 spontaneous miscarriages. Whatever the reason, I am going next Wednesday to the high-risk OB. When scheduling my appointment, the MFM wanted to see me this week, but had one slot open. It would have taken a lot of rearranging for me to make that appointment, so I asked if I could come next week. I was told I could but no later than next Friday (the end of my 17th week). So, next Wednesday afternoon it is! I have never had a Level 2 ultrasound and I heard they are pretty neat. I am making a list of questions to ask the MFM when I go. I will update you after we get home. Oh, and I realized yesterday that I started my 5th month of pregnancy! : )


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog & your kind words! I'm glad my experience with the MFM specialist gave you reassurance, honestly it was such an amazing appointment, I hope yours is the same!

  2. Exciting times! Can't wait to hear about your level 2 ultrasound. =)

  3. 5 months already?!?!?!?!? WOW!

  4. unbelievable!! I can't believe you are in your 5th month already. Thank you Lord!


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