March 23, 2011

Not 5 months after all!

I am not in my 5th month of PG! You think I could figure this out after 4 kiddos, but no. I went by this chart but then realized that it has a 10th month? I think I will be finding another chart, ha!!

month 1
Nov 29-Dec 26
month 2
Dec 27-Jan 23
month 3
Jan 24-Feb 20
month 4
Feb 21-Mar 20
month 5
Mar 21-Apr 17
month 6
Apr 18-May 15
month 7
May 16-Jun 12
month 8
Jun 13-Jul 10
month 9 
Jul 11-Aug 07
month 10
Aug 08-Sep 04


  1. The whole month/weeks thing in pregnancy can be confusing!! I always just went by weeks, because it seemed easier, haha.

  2. Yah, it confuses me too. People will ask me what month I am in, and all I can say is the amount of weeks. Haha! I then found this colorful chart (in the middle of the page) and put on my desktop background to keep track:

  3. I have no idea what month I'm in! It seems I've been saying 6 months for about 2 months now! I just go by weeks too!

  4. LOL!
    Is this a chart for an elephant?!?

    I would just always tell people when the little monkey was due..just made it easier. ;)

  5. Well, it is actually 10 months. 40 weeks divided by 4 is 10. It's more like 9 full months I think. It's confusing- I'd just go by weeks, too! LOL

  6. From web MD:
    (Your due date is 40 completed weeks after your LMP. If you ovulated late in your cycle, your pregnancy didn't start as early as this due date says.) An ultrasound measurement of your fetus during the first trimester can give the most accurate due date. But even that due date is an estimate of when you might deliver.

  7. Shannon..I'm so so excited for you! How wonderful!



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