March 17, 2011

Lyme Disease NASCAR-Please Vote!

As you know, our eldest son suffers from Lyme Disease and the tick borne co-infection Bartonella. Toyota is sponsoring a contest for the paint scheme for Michael Waltrip's car for an upcoming NASCAR race. Please vote EVERY day until 3/26. Please post this on your blog, post it on FB & Twitter (because I am not on those), and  e-mail it to your friends. You do not have to do anything except click on the link and then click on the vote button next to the car. Bringing awareness to this debilitating disease that affects young and old alike is so very important. Thank you for your help!


p.s. If you have time to leave a comment to let Dustin know you voted or passed the link on somehow, I know he'd love to see the response! Thank you all again!


  1. From a fellow "Lymie"....I voted!
    My daughter sent me the link to your blog as she and her husband are looking into EA. She thought I might be interested to follow it as well because of the Lyme link! :) I've had it for 10-15 years as best we can tell. My heart goes out to your son. I would be interested to know what kind of treatment he is getting and who is doing his treatment. As you have probably discovered, there aren't many docs who know how to treat this disease. God bless you all!


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