January 14, 2011

Queasy is a Good Thing

Okay, in search of a "funny" morning sickness pic to put on today's post, I Googled morning sickness images. I know, I know, who knows what was about to pop up on my screen right? Do you want to know what showed up? Photo after photo of beautiful, thin, 20-something women in plush white robes in beds that look like they are staying at the Ritz-Carlton. The women who were actually photographed in a bathroom were still in their plush white robes with their perfect hair. They had distraught looks on their faces as they stared at the brand new, shiny, designer toilets.
So, since NONE of those photos fit the picture of my life right now, I skipped the idea of posting a funny pic for you!

I do have 24 hour queasiness going on. I haven't actually been "sick" yet, but I definitely with each passing day am getting closer to being there. This is all good. No complaints from me, Rhea, or the kids, but I know they miss me making dinner this week. We have a little over a week to go before our ultrasound and we are getting so excited to "see" our baby(ies). In the meantime, I need to type up my health history to take to our new OB. Our last kiddo was a home birth with a midwife, but with my new diagnosis of APS, I will have to deliver in a hospital. So, interviewing OBs will be what Rhea & I do in the days following the u/s.

I did get to spend most of the day at the hospital holding my friend's new baby girl. She was 5# 13 oz when she was born and doing great. I have never held a baby that small. It was such a blessing to be with her and her momma. My friend has APS too and we have become a lot closer in the last 9 months. I feel so awful today stomach wise, but getting out and being with her passed the time and was such a treat and an honor to be able to be with my friend and her baby for the day!


  1. Hahaha...the pictures of morning sickness that you found! That's so out of touch with reality!! I'm so glad you're getting those little signs that all is well. What a gift! So very happy for you Shannon, you deserve all the best! Still praying for you all (hoping 'D-Man' is getting better days). Love and miss y'all!!!

  2. I just ordered the remedies from this article for me. I don't know why I've never used homeopathics for ms before. Crazy what the pregnancy brain does to you, lol.


  3. yay, morning sickness is actually such a great sign! i didn't know you had a home birth! cool. i really considered it with indigo, but ultimately we ended up having a beautiful midwife-attended hospital birth. my husband and doula were present but the midwife coincidentally was assisting another birth and was only able to make it at the very end. that was a-ok with me. it was very intimate to have only my doula and husband. it was dark(ish) quiet and peaceful. perfect. so you can still have that perfect birth in a hospital too. maybe there are some good hospital midwives in your area?

  4. Wow hon, intense reading lately... I am glad that things are going well so far, hang in there sweetie.... praying for you and pulling for you.... Love you!


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