January 10, 2011

Now If I Could Just Breathe?

No, really, I am breathing! I am praising God each and every hour for the wonderful life He has seen fit to place inside my womb. I feel so much better now that I am off that PIO! I am a new person. Whew, that was a mess!  I am dumbfounded though that  morning sickness has not hit yet. I am usually down with it starting at 5wks. Each pregnancy is different I know, but all of my kiddos made me so very ill! This time around, EVERYTHING is so different with this pregnancy, I am learning even more to trust the Lord, lean on His promises, and take advantage of the good days I have right now.

As most of you know, I have had 6 miscarriages. 4 of them have been consecutive and in the last 2 years. I have lost each of the last 4 between 6-8 weeks into my pregnancy. Now that the doctor found that the cause was more than likely caused by APS (an autoimmune blood clotting disorder) I am on Lovenox, a blood thinner injection, once a day. I also take a low dose aspirin every evening. These next couple of weeks will be my next challenge emotionally. I continue to seek Scripture and turn to prayer whenever I feel doubt/fear start to even start to creep in. I confess it and then rejoice at the lives and the bright day of motherhood I have at this very moment. It is a challenge though I will confess. I have been playing some beautiful CDs of hymns played on the piano the last few days and it truly keeps the tone so peaceful in our home.

Our ultrasound will be right at 8 weeks and yes, I am crossing of the days on the calendar with X's! We have not had snow in the BIG storm of the South, but my kids really had hoped for some. Dallas got some, but nothing much further south than that. There is still a few weeks left for us to "maybe" get a flurry? We can only dream...


  1. My very dear friend had numerous miscarriages due to the very same reason. She did the daily shots as well. She now has 2 healthy kids. I believe the same for you!

  2. It is such a journey of trusting the Lord - each and every day. I know.

    P.S. You aren't missing out on much as far as the snow is concerned...it just makes living normal life difficult!

  3. Glad you're feeling better!! Praying for your little precious!

  4. Praying hard for you!

    In all my reading on HG, there are different theories as to what initiates morning sickness-the mommy's chemistry, the baby's chemistry, or the combination of the two. Since both Sheila and I had HG, I sort of came to the unscientific conclusion that it's baby. So in your case, maybe it was your first babies initiating the NVP, and this baby with different chemistry doesn't create that same hormonal response. Just a thought...again, completely unscientific!

  5. Glad to get an update on you! After the reaction to the PIO I am glad for you that you don't have to deal with morning sickness, although I understand the reassurance that it can provide. I totally get your longing for snow. As a So Cal girl I always thought when we wend to Disneyland and at Christmas time to see the "snow" (soap flakes) fall on main street that all the people from Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. were rolling their eyes at the silly Californians marveling at the fake snow. And when the snow blowers would stop everyone would clap and cheer. Snow is a novelty for us warm climate folk!

  6. I know this must be a challenging time; the joy and promise of new life stirring but tempered with the unkowns and fears from previous losses.

    You are handling it all beautifully with grace, faith and strength.


  7. Things are falling into place for you. GOD IS GOOD.

  8. I know it is hard...but be thankful for feeling good. I never had morning sickness..maybe a few aversions but no getting sick for this chick. Enjoy it because it may not last :-)

    Hope that you can take a few deep breaths in the coming weeks. Praying and thinking of you!!

  9. praying hard for you. how far along are you now? MAYBE the non sicknes sis a GOOD SIGN. prayin it is :)

    big hugs

  10. Praying... praying... praying for you.

  11. shannon, i was SO GLAD to read this post yesterday (had trouble posting a comment for some reason). what a relief. can't wait to read all about the ultrasound. congrats again!


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