December 15, 2010

Tomorrow is Departure Day!

Not only do we leave for Dallas tomorrow, but something else will happen tomorrow that came as quite a surprise when we heard about it.  I will back up a bit and explain some details before I get to tomorrow.

Most of you know that we have 6 little ones who we have adopted. 5 (4 morulas & 1 blast) are from one family. The genetic mother chose a family through the Snowflake program and then that first adoptive family chose us as the genetic mother entrusted them with the difficult task in finding another adoptive family for the remaining little ones.

We had always been told that the 4 morula stage little ones had a very small chance in surviving the thawing process, but our one blast had a 50/50 chance of surviving the thawing process. Very recently, our embryologist consulted with some colleagues across our country and she came back to us to share, based on her research, that there was a 1% chance that the 4 little ones would survive the thaw. That, in fact, the wrong freezing protocol was used and if our babies are not alive when she thaws them, they more than likely died during the original freezing procedure. On top of that, our one blast from that group was given a 20% chance of surviving the thaw.

Again this only happened four weeks ago. We were humbled when it was brought to our attention about a family who had one lone little blast that was available for adoption. (God's plan continuing to unfold, brings us to our knees at times a lot more frequently lately). WIth the assistance of our amazing adoption coordinator, all contracts, paperwork, clinic coordination, and DNA testing agreements from all families was completed and our 6th precious little blast will be arriving in Dallas this morning who has a 50%+ chance of surviving thawing. we are back to Wednesday...I spoke to our embryologist on the phone on Monday and she let us know that she is going to thaw ALL 6 tiny ones tomorrow late afternoon instead of the original plan of thawing 4 on Thursday and the 2 blasts on Friday morning. She will incubate the survivors overnight for a transfer on Friday morning. So, here is how the schedule now goes:

Thursday Morning: We leave for Dallas
Thursday Afternoon: my acupuncture appt. in Dallas, check into the hotel and get everyone settled.
Thursday Late Afternoon: a phone call from our embryologist telling us how many surviving little babies we have.
Friday Morning: If we have surviving little ones from Thursday, and IF we have no phone call from our embryologist on Friday morning that means we have babies to transfer. I will then go to another acupuncture appt and then on to the clinic to drink lots of water, take a valium, and prep for the 12:30 p.m. transfer.

I continue to repeat to everyone we speak to about our adoption that we know that God is not a God of chances. We know that we trust in His sovereignty on our lives and these little ones' lives. We will completely rest in that no matter the God-ordained outcome of the coming few days. I will not give up praying that we will be in Dallas through Tuesday. Because if we are there through Tuesday, that means there was a transfer and I would be pregnant, and I would be on bed rest until Tuesday.

After experiencing 6 miscarriages in recent years, I can tell you that those emotions and feelings can creep back and I have to fight that fear only through the strength my Father can give. He has brought me here. He is with me, He has given me all strength needed to step forward. Rhea and I both thank you for your prayers and we thank those friends who have continued to show us love and support through e-mails, texts, calls, & e-mails.  We have been blessed for you to join us and travel this journey with us. You are all very special to us.

Okay, off to pack the kitchen things for the trip, but first a couple more injections! May God richly bless you this very day!


  1. No, God is not a God of chances! Praying, Praying, Praying for survivors!

  2. Thank you so much for giving us specifics to pray for! I will be bringing your little ones before God throughout the day Thursday and Friday.

  3. Wow ,Shannon, This is it! I'm very excited for you! I'll be praying for God's perfect plan to unfold! Hugs!

  4. Wow. What a journey to get to this point. You are so right, none of it is my accident or chance. I cannot wait to see how God is going to work in this situation!

  5. Go Gettem Tiger!!! I'll be here waiting for the great news!

  6. Very excited for you, your family, and these babies. I'll be anxiously awaiting another blog update!

  7. wow, shannon - that is so exciting and nerve wracking(!). i will be praying that you feel God's peace. not sure if you are an acupuncture regular, but it has helped me A LOT. it's helped get me into labor with Indigo actually. i know my acupuncturist does a lot of IVF stuff and claims it helps his clients a lot. i guess it can also be good for morning sickness, too. will be praying. i am so sorry for your loss through miscarriage. that has to be painful.

  8. Wow, you certainly have had a lot to process leading up to this transfer! Will be thinking of you guys this next few days and praying you have survivors, a smooth transfer, and a relaxing couple of days following it!

  9. Can't wait to hear how it goes- have a safe trip tomorrow and try to relax!!

  10. God's plan is perfect! I will be praying for you all. Have a safe journey to Dallas.

  11. What Krisa said. God Be With You All.


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