December 16, 2010

Thursday Night Update and Prayer Request

We arrived to our hotel on schedule, unpacked, went to my acupuncturist appointment and returned to the hotel. As we pulled into the parking garage at the hotel, our embryologist called. She told us that she thawed the 4 little ones who were not expected to survive the thawing procedure. 1 did not survive and the other 3 did! They have very few living cells and are not expected to make it through the night.
The one little one at the blast stage survived the thaw beautifully, but it became evident to the embryologist that the embryo was not completely dehydrated at the time of freezing. This little one soon started to deteriorate and cells began to die. It still has some living cells, but is not expecting to live through the night.
Our last little one who arrived at the clinic just yesterday, survived the thawing process, but our embryologist is concerned because the blast is hatching out and she feel that with no protective eggshell to protect it that it will not survive either.
She will call us at 8:00 a.m. to give us an update on our babies.
We are AMAZED at God’s work as 5 of our babies are living. We are mourning the loss of our one little one tonight. We are praying for our babies to grow & strengthen tonight. We pray that God prepares our hearts for tomorrow. We pray for rest tonight for our family. We thank you for the support and prayers as we travel this journey. Thank you so very much for joining us in prayer tonight.
Love, Rhea, Shannon, & ALL the kiddos.


  1. Praying for peace for your family tomorrow, whatever God's will turns out to be.

  2. Definitely keeping you guys prayed up! We are traveling tomorrow (to TX) so I may not get to check your blog for updates~ please text me when you get a chance!

  3. Thank you for the update and sorry to hear one of your little ones stopped growing! We're praying for the other 5! Looking forward to how they did during the night and how many they'll be able to transfer!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so behind on your blog. . .but oh my goodness AGAIN. . .I'm in DALLAS TOO!!!! Where are you?! I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, and you're obviously very busy, but I'm close, and I'm praying!!!

  5. I will certainly keep you and your tiniest ones in my prayers. I know that you always do the same for me, so we are all in this together.


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