December 8, 2010

Only a $69 Boo-boo

Guess who dropped her vial of Lupron on the tile last night? Yes, the tile won (as a friend told me this morning). I have enough in another vial to do tonight's injection. Sad thing is I only have 4 days left of Lupron and yet, I must order another 7 day kit. It will be overnighted and here tomorrow.

So, in EA adoptions, we have to account for in budgeting, the "misc", just like in any other adoption!


  1. oh boy, we just did that with jude's post tonsillectomy antibiotic. that was an $80 mistake... AFTER the pharmacist gave us a 50% off coupon! :/

  2. Ugh, that hurts a little, but at least it is fixable that's the important thing! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words on my blog this morning, what you said meant so much to me and was a wonderful way to start my day:) Hope that you also have a fabulous day and will be thinking of you tomorrow as you go for your next appointment! You're getting so close!!!


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