December 11, 2010

A Conversation with PookieBear

I am cleaning the kitchen with BooBear (BB-age 10) this morning and PookieBear (PB-age 3) is cleaning her play kitchen next to us. The conversation goes like this:

PB: I love you Mommy.
Me: I love you too baby girl.
PB: I not your BABY girl anymore.
BB: You are Mommy's youngest girl and that makes you her baby girl.
PB to BB: No, Mommy has all our babies.
PB to Me: Mommy, are all the babies in your tummy now?
Me: No sweetie, not yet.
BB: The babies are all in Dallas and we have to go to Dallas so the doctor can put them in Mommy's tummy.
PB: Oh. Mommy, will they be REAL babies?
Me: of course sweetie.
PB: No, Mommy. Will the babies walk and talk and move?
Me: (holding back laughter, realizing she wants to be clear that we are not talking about baby dolls): They have to grow in Mommy's tummy until they are big enough to be born to do all those things.
PB: No, but they will walk by themselves, right?
Me: After they grow up they can do that.
PB (with a big smile): Okay, good.


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