November 3, 2010

FedEx Delivers x 2!

(our precious ones are now safe & snug and residing in the building on the left)

The best news is that according to our adoption agency coordinator, our 5 precious little ones are safe and sound in our clinic in Dallas. They have been transferred to a permanent tank where they will wait until Dec. 16th. When I go for my appt. in early Dec., I will be in the same office as our tiny ones! It was so precious, as Leevster asked if we could see them while we were in Dallas. : ) It won't be too much longer little sweeties!

FedEx also delivered this to our house today:

Could this be a homeschool science lesson today? uh, well, I think I will pass on that. ; )  D & I did the inventory and put the box away until I need its contents (Nov. 15th). Though, I suppose I should watch the CD on how to do injections? I wasn't nervous about the injections until I saw ALL of the needles. And that large pile on the left, uh, those needles are H-U-G-E!

Thank you Father for protecting our precious ones through human hands at FedEx and for providing the funds needed for us to receive the box which will help prepare my body for our FET. We serve a magnificent God!


  1. Praise God that your babies made it to TX safe and sound and that He provided the funds for your meds!

    And - I love that your son asked if you guys could go and see them at your appointment...Precious.

  2. The big needles are just to draw the medication up, not to inject in you. The littler ones are what actually goes in you.

    A few tips for PIO:

    Relax as much as you can. For me that was leaning on a counter, putting all my weight on one leg and completely resting the side being injected. For others, they like to lie down on the non-injection side.

    Warm the oil with your body--I put the vial in my bra for like half an hour before injection. This thins the oil and makes it easier to dissipate under your skin and faster to plunge out of the needle.

    Pinch the area hard, but not too hard, while injecting. Go in fast and smooth, and STRAIGHT!

    Have Rhea massage you hard in the area immediately after injection. Your body absorbs the progesterone, but it has a much harder time with the oil. The oil just sits under your skin and that's where you get the painful knots. Massaging it hard and immediately helps spread it out so it doesn't form in knots.

    Also applying a heating pad after your massage will help with the same thing.

    Alternate sides if your doctor allows, and when you come back to the same side, go as far from the previous spot as you can so that if you do get knots, they don't all build up together in one.

    Some people recommend icing the area first for numbness. I don't recommend this. It actually makes the oil harder to plunge out because it's going through the iced area. The harder it is to plunge, the longer the injection takes and the more uncomfortable it is.

    I don't know if you have to take lupron or not--I know it's a different kind of injection so the tips are different, but those are my tips for the PIO! Good luck! You can do it!

    And praise God for the babies' safe arrival!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Praise God that your little ones arrived safely in Dallas!


  4. It is crazy how much we have to do, but oh so worth it!! The meds look intimidating but take it one day at a time and it really it isn't so bad. Praying for you!!!

  5. Shannon, can you contact me at I have a question for you. Thanks!

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I went into a panic when I got my box of meds. As the previous comment said, just focus on a day at a time!!!

  7. I agree with Heather, just take the meds one day at a time!
    Yay for a safe arrival for your babies!

  8. You're getting closer! You are right- We do serve a magnificent God!!!!

  9. Holy needle Batman!!! I peeked above and saw that the larger ones are for filling the smaller syringes.....but still...gracious!!

    I'll be thinking of you all......every step is one step closer and forward!!!



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