November 4, 2010

Catching Up...

Well, with our tiny ones safe and sound in Dallas, I wanted to post a few pictures of the kiddos. We received a HOT blast here where we live a couple of weeks ago. It stayed until a couple of days ago. Now it seems like fall. This was at a park day with some friends. BooBear & PookieBear are hot & sweaty from playing, but I loved this sister picture.

The lighting stinks in this picture and I don't have time to tweak it, but I couldn't resist this expression on PookieBear.

Yes, D-man looks like a growly bear, but he is not. He was just having a rough day with his Lyme Disease symptoms that day, but his buddies were nice enough to go sit by him and chat. Here they are either discussing the upcoming elections or airsoft strategies (or both).

Finally, later that day, Rhea took the Leevster to our local bank as he won the coloring contest they held. Our bank has been wonderful over the last couple of years as we have gone through the adoption process. They are supportive and inquire about how things are going each time we stop by.          Next post...writing our letter to our placing parents & preparing for our trip to San you think I can squeeze anything else in between now and our FET?


  1. Good looking kiddos!!! And at least with everything going the time will fly!!!

  2. I agree with Heather,...Good looking kids! I hope to see the beautiful faces of your embabies soon too! :)


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