October 27, 2010

Our New FET Timeline!

Hello all! We have A LOT to share, but I will be breaking it down into several posts so that it is a bit easier to digest : ) However, we have had people ask us to post our Timeline so that they can be in prayer for specifics as we get closer to our frozen embryo transfer (FET) stage of our adoption. So, here we go...ready?

  • 10/31 - I start my first 2 meds (birth control pills-to control my cycle for the doctor to give these babies the best possible chance at a successful transfer--would I take BCPs for any other reason after all we have been through? The 2nd is doxycycline for 10 days to take care of any possible infection that could be hiding out in my body
  • The first week of Nov. - a big box of meds, syringes, and who knows what else arrives at our house. ($1,000+ please pray for provision)
  • 11/1- our embryologist ships her travel tank to Maryland clinic
  • 11/2 - our babies are transferred to the travel tank and shipped by FedEx that day (please pray for all who will handle our precious cargo)
  • 11/3 - our little ones arrive at our Dallas clinic by 10:30 a.m.
  • 11/15 - I begin Lupron injections
  • 11/29 - $3,000 due to Dr. M in Dallas (praying for God's provision for this)
  • 11/30 - Did I mention I was doing meds and injections? Well, this is continuing and there are more of them now.
  • 11/30 - leave to go out-of-state to take D-man to a Lyme Disease specialist.
  • 12/1 - D-man has 1st appt with the Lyme specialist.
  • 12/2 - D-man has 2nd appt with the Lyme specialist & return to TX.
  • 12/7 - day trip to Dallas for a sonogram & blood work. 
  • 12/10day trip to Dallas for a sonogram & blood work (yes, I know we will have just made the 3 hr drive both ways 3 days ago)
  • 12/16 late afternoon - our embryologist will thaw our Four 5-day morula stage embryos and call us at the hotel. Our surviving babies  will be incubated overnight. (pray for our hearts to be prepared for this call)
  • 12/17 (morning)- Transfer Day! We will transfer which ever little ones God has for us that morning, whether they are the surviving incubated tiny ones or the one 6-day blastocyst that is ready to be thawed the morning of the transfer.
  • 12/18 - begins 3 more days of bed rest in our hotel in Dallas.
Coming in the next few days...D-man's Lyme Disease update (we would appreciate continued prayer please--he is a very sick young man), my latest autoimmune diagnosis (hint...APA), and more FET procedure questions answered.


  1. Yay- it's nice to have a timeline! Will be praying for you!

  2. WOW! You are going to be busy with your mind and heart in so many places at once. I will be thinking of you and your family at each milestone and wishing and hoping for a healthy recovery for ALL of your babies.


  3. WOW! It's quite a journey, isn't it? All for the love of a child, and all because God loves you.

  4. I am praying for you and yours, Shannon.

  5. December 17th is Aaron and my Wedding Anniversary! It's a great day for celebration - and I'm praying that for your babies...a celebration of their continued lives! :)

  6. Wow I'm so glad you have the timeline! I will be praying!

  7. Definitely thinking and praying for you

  8. You are on a roll now Shannon.Praying for you,your family and your embies.How precious.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.Keep the faith.All the best.Hope the specialist can help your son too.

  9. wow, that will be quite a ride. i will pray that it all goes well! and i will pray for D. blessings!


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