October 25, 2010

Lyme Disease Update

This is what we are trying to do in our home right now. I will tell you, so very little is EVER shared about Lyme Disease. We've all 'heard' about it and honestly, I heard about the disease more from our veterinarian when referring to protecting our dogs than I ever heard from anyones about protecting our children! As Christians, we do not live in fear. We are dealing with a nasty bacteria and the co-infections that can accompany Lyme Disease. There is no quick and easy cure as these types of bacteria live in tissues and only show in the bloodstream while traveling.

We are in the process of finding our son a specialist who is very familiar with Lyme Disease (LD). Easy you might think in the Houston area, but finding a true Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) is not easy at all. So, as our family joyfully looks forward to our upcoming FET and the hope of pregnancy and birth of children, we are juggling that with helping our eldest fight the nasty bacteria that has entered his body.

God allowed us to find the tick and know that the symptoms our son is dealing with are all related to the bite eight weeks ago. We continue the herbal protocol and have now needed to introduce antibiotics to the regimen, but there is a need for us to find and get to an LLMD for proper clinical evaluation and testing to make sure we are only dealing with one bacteria. It is difficult to watch our teenage son who is intelligent, full of life and joy, shut down with pain and chronic fatigue.

There are so many people who suffer from LD and ever knew this until LD affected our family. So, I am balancing serving my Lord, serving & loving my husband & my children (including our 5 wee ones) & balancing researching this disease.

I will keep you posted...


  1. Wow, hope you can find someone who can help you! I'll be praying!

  2. Praying this new doctor can help aleviate the symptoms and give new insights.

    I so hope your son heals and soon!!

  3. shannon, i am so sorry your son is going through this. i have two friends who got incredibly ill from lymes, both because it was not diagnosed accurately for a long time. i am from WI where it is extremely common (almost any 'outdoorsy' person has had it) but i know in TX drs are not nearly as familiar with it. my one friend (in TX) had a dr once spell it "limes disease". yikes! my understanding is that if you catch it right away it's very treatable. i will pray that is true for your son.


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