August 1, 2010

Houston, We Have a Match!

Sorry, I couldn't help it, since I am a Houston gal!

We heard from our Snowflakes coordinator today after we got back from church. We have been matched! We are blessed beyond words that God would entrust 5 precious embryos into our care! These embryos already have such an amazing story. We will post more details as soon as we can!

We're praising God and rejoicing in His goodness and grace!!


  1. Congratulations!!!! You're forever now, the parents to 5 children!

  2. Oh Shannon I am LEAPING into the air for you!!! I'm so excited! This is such wonderful news! I swear I have been checking every hour to get an update. Bless you and your family. What a joyous miracle!

    Lots of love to you! I'm just so thrilled.


  3. SWEEEET!!! I am so excited for you guys! I will pray that the contract phase goes quickly and smoothly! =)

  4. Congratulations! Hope everything goes smoothly and quickly!

  5. Great news, Shannon! I can't wait to hear more details! :)

  6. That is wonderful news!!!!!

  7. Praise God!!! The word verification is "blesess" - Way too close to "blessed" and "blessings" - Can't wait to hear more! Such a God thing. . .He is so GREAT, so AWESOME!

  8. Congratulations!! This is such an exciting journey to follow! Can't wait to hear more about it :)
    Be blessed,

  9. So amazing! So very happy for you! Wow!


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