April 24, 2010

Yes, They Are 15 & 10 Today!

Happy Birthday to our first boy and our first girl born on the same day, 5 years apart! We had a great day with family and friends and of course plenty of cake & ice cream!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe it!! Amazing!

    PS. You are featured today on my blog. :o)

  2. How awesome! That is really special! Happy birthday y'all! (here's a few more !'s for good measure.... !!!) :-)

  3. They are so beautiful!

    Happy birthday guys, from Ohio!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Wondering if you're still considering China? And where you feel God leading you to adopt? This is very exciting! Even though we feel like we know God's plans for the next few years for our family, we will never say we're done! I still have dreams of loving another baby thru foster adoption. Never say never! Angela


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