April 22, 2010

Coluzzle? what in the world is that?

A Coluzzle you might ask? It is a scrapbooking tool I used for cutting cardstock many years ago. While spring cleaning an area, I always have 4 boxes/baskets: 1. keep (items to put in another room), 2. throw away, 3. give away, and 4. check on ebay

Box/basket #4 is where I put things to research on ebay to see if there is a market for the items. Yesterday, (using Procrastination Day--Thank you Donna!-- to it's fullest), I cleaned out a corner of our master closet that needed attention. Last night, I took my #4 box and sat down to the computer. I found that this little itty bitty item above was 'worth' something. I may have spent a couple of dollars on this with a coupon at Michael's or Hobby Lobby years ago.

I put it up on ebay with a 99c start price and left it to see what would happen. There is still 6 days left and look where it is!

L & I worked on the Adoption Fundraising spreadsheet today and we have earned $150 in one week. Subtract the $70 we spent at garage sales and we are still in the black! We have 41 items up on ebay currently and more to come!

So, as you spring clean, throw box #4 in the mix, you never know what you may find!

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  1. You Go Girl!! Good job! I'm decluttering paperwork..not so fun...sigh..


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