April 17, 2010

We are making tiny steps forward, but forward!

Well, selling things we find at garage sales on eBay has always been 'fun' for me, but now I have the kids hooked. Right now, we as a family are combining our efforts to raise the money to pay for our home study update. We did find some wonderful goodies to put up for auction.

Yesterday, BooBear found a sealed Bionicle for $0.50! We have it up on ebay right now. After we researched its worth we found out it was worth $20!

We had a point and shoot camera that was dropped in a creek while a certain person was playing air soft (no it was not BooBear). I had the charger and extra batteries at home that were high and dry. So, after the camera was toast and in the garbage, I thought I'd see if I could sell the batteries and charger. WOW! We were blessed with a surprise. Keep an eye out on our ebay auctions, or click on the button on the sidebar, and feel free to pass us on to friends and those who like to 'shop' on ebay. We will be posting many items in the weeks and months to come!

Now, off to more garage sales!


  1. Sounds like you are being a busy bee as usual and making good use of your extra stuff. I just give my stuff away..or I'll keep it! Yipes! I'm so impressed with your determination! Good for You Shannon!

    Thanks for the nice comments! I'm featuring your post on my Top Ten Best Posts This week by the way. :o)

  2. Hi Shannon, I wanted to add your blog to my blog roll..the photo one, but I don't have 'permission' to read it. Did you take it off public? Just curious.


  3. Good luck on the sales!~!~! Getting the kids involved is really fun and they are learning business skills at the same time.. Very educational and motivating..


  4. Praying your ebay auctions raise the funds you need for your homestudy update!!! Baby steps is all it takes. Along with patience and faith of course!!


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