April 20, 2010

Homestudy & Strawberries

Last night's homestudy visit went really well last night. We only have a few forms left (chest x-rays, well checks) to turn in. Our homestudy should be completed by mid-May.

We planted 2 large gardens this year. It is amazing that with all the plants, shrubs and small trees we lost this winter with the multiple freezes our strawberry plants survived, but they did and they are producing some yummy berries!

eBay sales continue to add up in small bits. I bought some toddler shoes this weekend at a garage sale for $0.50, put them on eBay and they sold! The kiddos are really getting into helping find goodies at these garage sales. Their frugality is starting young!


  1. I think it's great that your children are an active part of raising funds for the growth of your family. . .to fulfill your calling. And Praise God for protecting those strawberries! They look yummy!!!

  2. Hi Shannon, Hurrah for you! I'm so excited to hear that the adoption process is still moving forward!

    Some day, I'm going to start selling ebay stuff too. When things slow down a bit. :o)

    Thanks for the nice comment about my banner. Yours looks lovely too! I love your blog. Gorgeous!

  3. Hi Shannon, I love this picture so much that I featured it on my Weekly Reader: Best Posts this week at Comin' Home. It will be up soon. :o)


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