April 14, 2010

Time to Update the Home Study!


girlie day at the deli

the boys and their buddies camping

D-man w/his dinner

PookieBear 'doing' her spelling

Well, we have no idea when we will be able to adopt, but we feel it is very important to keep our home study up-to-date to be ready for whatever the Lord has planned for our family. I spent the last week paperchasing and making appts for all of the kiddos' well checks. We are choosing not to do the injectable TB test and do chest x-rays instead for everyone. Our home visit is next week and we should have it 're'-finalized by mid May. Our home study will be Hague ready, domestic ready, just plain ready!

I will keep everyone updated as our journey continues. We are exploring and praying through an adoption option and if it continues to move forward, we will share soon!


  1. praying for you! Taiwan is an amazing place, heartsent is an amazing agency and you would have a friedn close by with kiddos from same country! OK, a state away but that is close enough to meet :)


  2. Oh, thank you for the pictures. I can't believe that Ebeth is sooo big already. She is beautiful!

    And ummm, is Dustin taller than Rhea already??

  3. It's wonderful to hear an update...we will be praying for you all. Your girls are sooo beautiful...and I can NOT believe how tall Dustin has gotten!! When did that happen?!?! Love and miss you guys!


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