February 5, 2010

Well, after 9 months, I guess I will update ya'll

Above: our littlest one sitting in big brother's lab for Algebra II lessons. She picked up his calculator as a phone. She loves homeschooling too!

Now for the update that has been long overdue:
We were diligent and obedient to the Lord's call on our lives to adopt a child. It has been an amazing journey, but one that feels like an elephant pregnancy. God provided all funds needed to take classes, pay the initial agency fees, complete a home study and all the paperchasing that goes with it. God has truly blessed us. We wait on His direction.

As the beginning of summer unfolded, it became clear that the adoption process was to stop (pause). Rhea had the worst year with his business in 2009. God is faithful and we made it and 2010 looks much better. Also, in 2009, we lost two children to miscarriages. Rhea stopped the adoption process during those months and although we mourned from the many losses, we are healing. We still desire very much to have more children whether by birth or adoption and we have a homestudy ready to go if God so chooses to bless us through adoption. We are very open to what He has for our family.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying the blessings He has put in our home. We are homeschooling for our eighth year. God also placed other changes and losses in our road for 2009 and though a lot of it was confusing and surprising, we are grateful for God's clarity and pruning in our lives. Our family is stronger and closer after living through 2009. I am honored to be the wife of a man with such high integrity and honor. I am proud to serve as his helpmeet. We are excited to see what 2010 holds for the Robisons.

My husband has decided to not make this blog private at this time. If he sees a need to in the future, I will let you know. Thank you again to everyone who supported us through prayer and generosity through the last year. Remembering everyone's part in our journey to adopt helped my heal from the loss. Blessings to you all!


  1. So glad for the udpate. Praise God for the blessings and for your health. Looking forward to reading more about the clarity you've been provided and all that lies ahead!

  2. How wonderful to see an update and to know that your family is healing from a difficult year and thriving in the new one!

    I believe that no matter where your journey leads you, it will be a blessed one.

    Welcome back ~ you have been missed!


  3. So glad to see an update and hear about your change in plans. . .I look forward to following your blog and hope 2010 is full of blessings for your family!


  4. I'm so glad to hear from you! I love the term you used about "pruning" in your life-- so true. It hurts, but it is how we grow into the who He wants us to be, personally and as a family.

    I'm also SO glad to hear about your Grave's Disease and other health issues. I will continue to pray for healing and blessing in your lives.

    Be blessed,

  5. Please can you email me? Tamijoysisemore@aol.com :) also facebook me :) Tamijoy sisemore is my name there!


  6. Hi Shannon,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you will not be able to pursue your adoption plans, but I'm so very glad that you are feeling better. What a trial! Sorry I haven't been more in touch. I'm afraid life has been just as busy as ever, especially carting Jacob, the great debater, from tournament to tournament. And my father just passed away. I was away from the family for a month. It was rough. But I'm glad I'm home again. By the way, Levi was featured recently on my blog, Comin Home, www.thehomemakingarts.blogspot.com when I posted my "Happy Meal" article. (Mrs. Happy became fried chicken.) I added several chicken pix and the one of Levi pulling out the egg was one of them...one of my favorites. Miss you!


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