May 7, 2009

Still Waiting, but some GREAT News

We are still waiting on one little piece of paper from Colorado to be HS ready. Yes, we have passed the three week mark : ) I am using this time to prepare for another garage sale and do some more eBay fundraising.

The great news??? Our friends Greg and Cara are FINALLY on their way to Haiti to pick up their 2 boys! Go take a look....**
**update** Greg and Cara will be waiting a bit longer. The visas were not released. Keep praying!


  1. How wonderful for your friends! I'll go check it out! Hang in there. . .

  2. Cheering you on hun... I understand "waiting" and all it entails. Thank you for always being my cheerleader. =0) Sara.sofa

  3. hi there,

    are you in CO? We are too! Just brought our son home from Taiwan in November...found your blog through sara.sofa!



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