April 15, 2009

Waiting on a Form


We are still waiting on that form from Colorado. Other than that the agency contacted us today, and they are ready to approve our Final HS once that form shows up! The form should take another 3-4 weeks. We missed a signature and the forms had to be returned. They should be back in our hands on Friday. Baby steps, but steps : ) God is good!

So, as we wait, I keep practicing with my camera. I am so sad that the end of my photography class is drawing near. It has been a wonderful class! I hope you guys have great spring weather like we are here in Texas. It is amazingly beautiful!


  1. That's right. Step by step and you'll make it! What a sweet picture!

  2. Shannon, what a sweet picture! I love the chair and how the sunlight falls on her hair... and even those little toes! Beautiful!

    Sadly, we are NOT enjoying spring weather here in northern country... it's 35 degrees or something outside right now. But spring is coming!! And in the meantime I can enjoy these sunny pictures from my friends in the south. :)


  3. Shannon...it's so wonderful to 'hear' from you. I'm glad you found me. :-)

    Your photography is beautiful! Elizabeth is a living doll...this image is wonderful!!! I agree that the sunlight on her hair and precious little toesies is GREAT! Love it!

    I thought I heard you all were adopting. We will keep your family in our prayers. What a special family you all are!

    Hugs and lots of love,

  4. Great picture! You are so talented! Baby steps will get you there, with His guidance of course!

  5. i adore this photo! she looks so sweet and the chair looks perfectly placed in that field!

    i hear you on the "not fully getting it" thing about your camera! i am still in that place, but i will tell you this...i have totally relaxed about it. i desire to learn and get better...but lately i have chosen the "good part"....sitting at Jesus' feet instead of at my computer analyzing photos. much happier!!!

  6. what a sweet picture! your daughter is a real beauty.

    you're getting close now! hang in there!


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