November 23, 2008

The Votes Are In!

After having our fourth and final homestudy visit with our SW on Friday, we learned even more about SN. We are blessed because our SW has spent her entire full time career as a caseworker for our state to help SN children get the help they need. She is a wealth of information on special needs children. Another great source is a click away on my sidebar.

This site was developed by a team of adoptive mothers of SN children from China. It is a fabulous resource!

Well, the poll results are in! If you could have a $200 gift card from any of the stores I listed, you chose in the following order:

1. Home Depot
2. Old Navy
3. Barnes & Noble
4. Pottery Barn
5. Williams-Sonoma

Well, you will have your chance to win them all! Our family will be launching a Gift Card Giveaway this coming week. There will be one giveaway with $500 in gift cards to be had. The other giveaway will be for a $100 Old Navy gift card, just for spreading the word about our fundraiser!

We have home study,immigration, and dossier & agency fees all about to hit in Dec/Jan. As things change in the SN adoption world, we have been advised by many to prepare our dossier and have it to China (DTC) or close to it before we find our child. Immigration is taking 120 days at this point and China requires us to be 90 days DTC upon asking to adopt a child [Letter of Intent (LOI)]. China will grant extensions, but sometimes not. Therefore, we are signed with an agency and are getting going with putting together our dossier.

We don't have a picture of the child we will be adopting. God holds that in His hands. However, each evening, we pray as a family for the son/daughter brother/sister, who we will hold someday soon. We pray that our child is sleeping well in a room full of other children in the orphanage. We pray that our child is bonding with one of the nannies. We pray that our child is receiving the attention he/she needs. We pray that God will begin to prepare his/her heart to know Jesus and live a life that glorifies Him.

So, check back this week. We pray this week as you gather with family, your Thanksgiving will be blessed!


  1. You make me cry!I just had my first born child and I went through a terrible pregnancy to finally have my baby boy.I pray that your little one is healthy and happy and waiting to finally come home to you.Life is beautiful!

  2. praying for you child and fundraisers :)

    Noah's mama

  3. nak...

    do you have a thingy i can post on my blog

    did r call your r? we do want the truck...please

  4. Hi Shannon! Thank you SO much for stopping by my blog (and oh my gosh, for adding my site button to promote my fundraiser!) = assume you found me through my good friend Stef (she and I go back 4 years!)- your site is beautiful and I'll be adding you to bloglines so that I can follow along your journey too!

  5. Christi,
    My really super-dee-duper friend Rebecca at China, Baby! is working on my fundraiser site and a cut-n-paste widget to add to blogs! keep checking back. The website will be I am not sure if R&R chatted, but I will e-mail you where the keys will be : )
    Happy T-givng! I can't wait to see you!

  6. I will hug her BIG for you!
    I am pumped about your SN baby .
    I hope the process is a fast one for ya.
    Happy Thanksgiving,


  7. Sounds like things are moving right along and I know how excited you are....I'm excited for you!!
    Keep us posted & Happy Thanksgiving!
    Lisa C.

  8. Thank you so much for the special needs link. I know we're with Taiwan but I'm sure there will be room for our family. That's a great site to have. I'll check back often... how exciting!
    =0) Blessings right back at ya!


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