November 14, 2008


Yes, I am quite attached to Starbucks at times, and as of late, this has been the case. As I grab a Venti Latte this weekend, I would like to curl up with my laptop and a movie a good book. Would you guys share your favorite books on attachment or any other adoption related good reads I should check out? It is supposed to be 38 degrees when we wake up in the morning! It is hard to believe since right now it is 80!


  1. Toddler Adoption: Weaver's Craft and Attaching in Adoption are two reads I'd sugggest. I purchased through Amazon and was very pleased with them. No surprises really, especially for an experienced mom like yourself, but great reinforcement and a reminder of what is to come. . .enjoy!

  2. I think you will do great hon! Just be mom from day one!! I could suggest some books NOT Too One that I truly hated!! lol....And good news Starbucks gal... they are everywhere in Taipei!!! YES!

    Sarah k

  3. the best book that i bought was Adoption Parenting, Building a Toolbox, Creating Connections. EMK Press. Lots of different topics. SN, older kids, FA, attachment, sleeping, eating. Little articles that can help you find a direction. It didn't come out till after we brought our daughter home and when I got it, I sure wished I'd had it before we brought her home. Good Luck!!!!!!!


  4. I like Daniel Hughes, Building bonds of Attachment. It is an extreme case of RAD disorder, BUT has great tips in building attachment, practical suggestions!! I highly recommend it.

    Also, a must have is The connected Child by Karyn Purvis.

    Next, another one I/m reading is The Out of Sync with sensory processing (not attachment)...but I feel I need to understand there may be sensory issues at first...and I want to be prepared...

    I am interested to see what everyone else says!!

    BTW- I did not like the '20 things' book...maybe it was just me...

  5. i'm curious to see what others will say as well! i wanted to comment to say that i love your christmas music! i love christmas! :)

    we've done attachment parenting with our kids and in our adoption education classes they said that attachment parenting is great for adopted kids. i've read a few articles reiterating the same. so, we'll probably just keep doing what we're doing and turn to the books if we feel we need to later. i've read several adoption books, am glad to have the knowledge i gained from them, but found the negative stories to be so unsettling. if we end up there, we'll seek help, but i don't really want to DWELL there when that may or may not happen to us.

  6. I wish I was with you right now for that cup of coffee.......almost finished here in Colorado and I am ready to be home with my loving family!!!!

    I miss you guys so much!

    The site looks great!


  7. I must recommend Kay Bratt's book, Silent Tears: Journey of Hope In a Chinese Orphanage. You can buy it on Amazon. I think every parent who adopts from China should read it.

    Hope you enjoyed that Latte!!! :)


  8. ooooh....38 degrees??? today we had a picnic and M was wearing short-sleeves! i guess winter has to come some time.

  9. Parenting the Hurt Child is, hands down, the best adoption book I've read.
    Congratulations on moving forward with a SN child from China!! What a blessing is to come for you all AND for the little one that will join your family :)

  10. I find that I've learned the most from Children's books that are adoption related. You see things through the eyes of a child and it makes me more sympathetic to their needs. We check out 50 library books at a time.

    p.s. Don't forget tissues... children's books are tear-jerkers.
    =0) Sara/Sofa

  11. Hi. As I enter my 23 year of parenting, I had sort of stopped reading parenting books until we adopting. I found the most amazing book. It has helped me in every relationship, no matter what the age of the child, friend, relative. Please check out "Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control" by Heather Forbes. You can also visit her website at for a great yahoo group and daily parenting tips. And more! Check this out. YOu'll be so glad you did!


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