October 29, 2008

New Direction

I haven't wanted to post. I really didn't quite know what to say. The Lord has moved in so many ways in our adoption this past week. We are no longer going with the agency we had planned to use. We heard something that raised a red flag for us. After discussing our concerns with a reliable source, we knew God was directing us away from that agency. So, we began the phone calls once again to agencies. During the next few days we found out that we are not going to be able to go with Taiwan for our adoption.

We are now waiting to hear back from CCAA for a pre-approval of sorts for China's SN program. We should find out at the end of the week their answer. If they say we are approved, we are going forward with China.

When Rhea and I met for coffee months ago, I was ready to adopt SN. Rhea was not. We went forward with Taiwan, the paperchase for the HS and then the HS. After we received the news about the Taiwan agency, Rhea said he felt we should go with China SN. I can see how God used these last few months to guide us through the baby steps forward in the adoption process to lead us toward special needs. Now, will we be able to adopt from China? We are prayerful and we will see very soon. We have been in contact with several wonderful agencies that have come highly recommended. In the meantime, I check the waiting child lists. Will you join us in prayer this week for us to be approved by CCAA if it His will? : )


  1. Joining you in prayer my dear friend. You are so open to His plan and following His guiding ways. . .In His Name, Tiff

  2. I'll be praying for you this week. :)

  3. Of course you are in our prayers and I do believe the child that is meant to join and bless your family will find his/her way to you....and in turn, you to them!
    I'm excited for you and will keep you all in my thoughts!
    Lisa C.

  4. Praying for you as you make some difficult and life-changing decisions.

  5. I will be praying God's PERFECT will for you and your child who is waiting out their for you, wherever the child is.

    Noah's mama

  6. wow! what a rollercoaster...but it is so much easier when you are resigned to God's will, isn;t it?

    as nice as it would be to have two children from the same birthcountry, we do not plan to adopt from taiwan again. too many checks in our hearts.

    i pray for God's guidance as you move forward with SN!

  7. As I read your blog today, I was so encouraged in my spirit that God has this special child right now-perfectly chosen for YOU -and he is ordering your footsteps with every twist and turn. How blessed we all will be when the last chapter is written and we can hold and love on your new Robison. Praise the Lord that we constantly seek His face and not his hand.

    Love you all,
    Paula Stringer

  8. You guys would be awesome for a SN child! We are praying!!!

  9. congratulations on making a decision. sometimes that's the most agonizing part! we, too, felt led away from taiwan, so i can relate to that part. it's interesting to see how God works, isn't it? we'll be praying for you.

  10. Shannon - A special award is awaiting you over at our blog!


  11. Okay, I just had to jump in here and ask... Have you considered Haiti at all? We have ONE child left at our orphanage without a family. A 3-year-old special needs girl who is sweet as pie. She has been waiting a long time for a family. While she would be physically out of birth order for your family mentally she would not be. Her name is Stephania, and you can learn a bit more about her here.


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