October 25, 2008

Homestudy Visit

Well, after today I am ready to go sit in one of those chairs in the picture above. However, the paperchase has thickened. I see a couple of reams of paper in my future!

The visit went well. Our SW is great and said she was looking forward to working with us. Rhea leaves in 2 weeks for Colorado, so I need to make sure a few things get completed before he leaves. First, we have a date! just he & I. We finally get a day away to be a couple. I have it all planned out. It is going to be a romantic excursion. Here are my plans:

First, we are going to take a drive into the city to visit the Sheriff's Dept. We'll request some papers and pay some money and then holding hands walk out to the parking lot, and talk about where we'll eat lunch. First though, we need to make one more stop. Yes, the Social Security Office. I know you are jealous. Yes, Yes, we will take a number, enjoy the decor, and wait to be served. When our table, uh counter, is ready we will order off the SS menu. We want the his and her special please. However, the price doesn't seem so special. Well, no time for dessert, our date has only just begun!

Next, Rhea whisks me off to the doctor's office where we agree to get matching tattoos, uh TB tests. We pay our money there and drive on to our next date stop. You are super jealous now aren't ya?

As we drive back to our side of town, we stop for a photo session. This is great b/c we don't have a current professional photo of just the two of us. Oh, wait, you just want one of us at a time? That's it, one picture? Oh that's right, it's only our Passport photos.

What a beautiful date we are having thus far. I am sorry it is coming to an end. The cell phone rings. It's our eldest telling us the vet called and we can pick up the cats(who had to get updated vaccinations for the HS)from the vet on our way home. What a wonderful way to finish our date.

We pick up the cats and as we approach Starbucks, Rhea suggests we stop for some coffee. I have to pass as my physical is tomorrow and I want to be off caffeine.

We arrive at the house, let the cats out, and before collapsing in the family room we remember we must photograph it for the paperchase!

Thank you everyone for the support, e-mails, phone calls (you know who you are CA girl), and prayers. If you want the details on how you can have a date like mine, let me know. ha.


  1. I love your rendition of your date :) heehee

    Noah's mama

  2. Shannon.. that was soooo funny and so true!!! I know for a fact it seemed somehow familiar! I can't place my finger on it but.... hmm... I need to think about this one...lol

    Congrats on the big step being done. I really enjoyed talking to you! You are such a doll to talk to on the phone and I hope we can chat more! Use my number anytime! My line is always open, at all times! OH and thank you so much for the sweet sweet message on my blog! You are such a wonderful friend already and I feel so blessed to be sharing our journeys through this crazy thing called adoption!!! Have a great day at church tomorrow. Recharge chick! You just stepped onto a rollercoaster ride, remember?...I will loan you my brake when you need it!!! But for now.. I sit next to you and scream all the way down the hills!!!

    Sarah k

  3. LOL
    That was hilarious! Thanks, cuz I always welcome smiles throughout my day! :)
    Much luck with the paperchasing!
    Lisa C.

  4. Ah... So romantic!

    Just FYI- You can do those passport photos online for a LOT less. I did professional ones the first time around at Wal-Greens (spent $50) and ended up with ugly, grainy, slightly blurry pictures. But the gov still accepted them and printed our passports. Later on our orphanage requested additional pp photos for the Haitian gov, so we tried the online route. We ended up with way better pics at a way more reasonable cost - less than $1! Let me know if you're interested and I'll dig up that web site.

  5. you make the paperchase sound so romantic!!! makes me wantto do it again....

  6. Ha! That's great!

    Wait, I'd take that date now a days!!

    So, more details on the HS please!

  7. Quite a date. . .we have a condensed version of a date like that coming up soon, so we can update our home study. Glad to hear your home study is moving forward - you'll be done in no time at this pace!


  8. You are HILARIOUS!!! This made me laugh all the way through. :) I can so relate!!!!

  9. this is TOO FUNNY!!! i can totally relate. so stressful! i did most of it with kids in tow, making it all the more fun!

  10. Hi!

    I can so relate to this experience, my hubby and I had a very similar 'date' recently, and there are a few more in our future...aaahhhh the adoption adventure!

    Thanks for sharing. I needed the giggle. you can read about our story at www.lenahaitimissiontrip.blogspot.com if you are interested.

    thanks and good luck.


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