September 6, 2008


Today, I am waiting to go pick up Rhea from the airport in a few hours. Today, Rhea and I wait for clear leading from our Lord on which direction to go with the adoption. If we go domestic, we have the agency chosen and would be set to go forward when we return from CO in early October. If we go international, we are considering two countries, but lean toward one. Each situation presents its own set of challenges, but since this will all be a "God-thing" as some might say, we are confident in Him to lead us down the right path.

Rhea and I talked about adopting even before we were married. We both always desired to have a large family. We have explored and researched the topic several times throughout the years, but only now, do we both know it is the right time. The children are all excited and praying diligently, we have told a few friends, our church family knows, and we will tell our family as we get a little further along in the process.

We have extensive research compiled on China NSN & SN, Taiwan, and local Texas domestic options. If you are new to adoption, there are plenty of great Yahoo groups to gather your info, or feel free to ask. I can help where I can. There are many countries we did not look into due to the age cutoffs and lengthy stays with two trips. Many countries were just not an option.

With China and Taiwan we have interviewed many agencies and have narrowed our search down to just a couple of agencies. Domestic has been narrowed down to one local pregnancy assistance group/agency. We are anxious to get going in a direction, but we are content to wait on the Lord.

So as we are quiet, still, prayerful, and watching for God's leading, I will keep you up to date on our family life. As we know more about our adoption journey, I will share it.

Our weather today is a beautiful 74 degrees with NO humidity!! The kids have been outside most of the day and sweet PookieBear has had numerous stroller rides. It is time for the princess's nap and then we go get Daddy! : )

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