September 8, 2008


Well, I have two Mondays before we leave for CO and stay for close to a month! Well, at least Rhea will be there that long. If it goes over 3 weeks, the kids and I will fly back. Funny, the kids haven't flown in about three years and they are hoping Daddy has to work past the 3 week mark! They were joking, but I do think there is a tiny part in them that wants to fly.

I am working on a list of little things that need to be done before our home study. Some will need to wait until we return, but there are quite a few of the items I should be able to knock out before we take off.

Another hurricane is coming our way. This one could actually come toward Texas. This shouldn't affect our home as we are quite north of Houston and two hours northwest of Galveston. This could affect Rhea's work though. He is working to get all projects finished and clients settled before he leaves for Colorado. We pray no more hurricanes come this way. Haiti has taken on too much rain and damage with these storms. Haiti is important to us because we have friends adopting from there and their 2 precious boys wait in an orphanage ready for Mommy & Daddy to take them home!

Rhea and I did visit a moment about the adoption last night before bedtime. He is continuing to pray and we will discuss our options more on the trip. When we come home, we will start our home study process.

Well, it is time to start school for the day. Thank you for checking in & have a beautiful day!


  1. You may already know this, but I thought I'd mention it just in case you did not. For Haiti we had to have an "international" home study as opposed to a domestic one. I honestly have no idea how the two types differ since we've only done one of them. Just make sure your social worker is qualified to write yours up for domestic OR international as needed before you start the process... On the first page of our HS it says "[Social Worker's Name] has experience preparing international home studies."

    As I recall we had to have our country chosen before we got started with her, as some of what she wrote was specific to Haiti. Example: "They plan to raise their children with an awareness of the rich culture and heritage of Haiti." But maybe you can just go ahead and do the interview and your SW can fill in the specifics later on...

  2. Hi Cara,

    Yes, agencies have told us that. We have someone recommended that can do both domestic and international. Rhea really feels we surely will have a direction before we get back from CO. Thank you for the info though. It is great information to have out in case someone just starting the process is reading. I know that that was an overwhelming task to research! I know you remember! : ) We're still praying for your boys to say safe!


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