October 22, 2013


Things I have learned in the last few days:

  • Canada has a prescription med that is specifically formulated for morning sickness. The 2 ingredients are Unisom and Vitamin B6 both in a time release cap. I read up on it and bought Unisom and some B6. I started breaking pills in 1/2s and thirds and started taking it. It has been a life saver. I can function again. I am still nauseous all day, but I can at least eat a little bit here and there and I am not throwing up. The insomnia at night from the 24/7 morning sickness has been relieved with this combo, but I have yet to figure out how to make it "time released" and I tend to be a bit groggy during the day. A key thing I have learned: Both must be taken together and never let a dose wear off---too hard to get back on the other side if you wait until you are at your worst again. 
  • I have learned that Blue Sky Jamacian Ginger Ale with stevia rocks for me right now. I can't even get water down. I didn't want suger or artificial sweeteners and this one settles my tummy a bit. It has real giner root and ginger oil and it has a bit of a spicy kick to it. My tummy likes it. I must have it near by, all the time. 
  • The maternity clothes I have are not going to get me very far at all. Uh, with triplets, my body is thinking it needs to be on an expansion project rather early. I am eating hardly anything and still the clothes get tighter and tighter as each day passes. I was in maternity clothes at the beginning of 6 weeks. This is serious stuff.
  • This house wouldn't be running at all without sweet Rebecca stepping in. She has done an amazing job helping care for littles and being in the kitchen when I absolutely can't. I can't. 
  • Instead of Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C, we need to name these little ones, Chick, Fil, and A. since I eat something from there every day it seems.
That is the latest from where I sit (okay recline) while I sip my ginger ale. 


  1. Chik Fil A made me laugh! I'm so glad you're finding some things that are easing the morning sickness. Hugs to you!

  2. Like everyone else here, Love Chick, Fil & A! They just opened a store not too far from us. Will have to try it out soon. Thanks for sharing the tips for morning sickness. Maybe I will need it in the future!

  3. With all three of my pregnancies I had severe morning sickness. The first 2 for the first 6 months, and the last one for all 9 months & lasting till 2 weeks afterwards (I'm guessing that is when the hormones eased in my body). The last pregnancy was the most severe, though only a single. For the first 6 months I couldn't drink anything with sugar (even orange juice) or water either. The only think I could drink was ginger ale watered down with soda water - even straight ginger ale was too sugary. I could eat mashed potatoes and gravy & chicken, and eggs and not much else. Eating anything with sugar or dairy was guaranteed vomiting - fruits and most veggies did not sit well either. I lost 12 pounds the first 4 months and was not chubby to start. Looks like you are figuring out what to eat & drink - that is good. Best to you, your babies & family

  4. Praise the Lord for older helpful daughters! So glad you have found a few things to help you get through the day/night. Wish I was closer to help in some way. For maternity clothes, maybe you could go to Goodwill (or send someone else for you) and get some large baggy clothes for around the house? Praying for you to endure the challenges of this pregnancy as you wait for the 3 sweet rewards waiting for you at the end :)

  5. Jealous you southern mamas have chick fil a! I have to drive an hour to get it! Glad you have found some reprieve... and have help. Praise God for 3 beating hearts. Excited to follow in this journey with you.

  6. Hi Shannon! Glad you found something to help you feel a little better. Hope it continues to improve!
    I nominated you for a blog award. Maybe something to do in your free time? =) Come check it out!

  7. Glad that you are finding some relief from the morning sickness. Hope it doesn't last long and you are able to feel better soon.

  8. So glad to hear you are finding some relief, my friend! I still can't believe you have triplets. : ) Praying for you and hoping the second trimester is much better!


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