February 12, 2013

Protocol and Lupron

For those who have been through EA, you know how mind boggling and confusing the medication protocol is to digest. After taking all of the medications, doses, change in doses, start stop dates, ultrasound appointments, blood tests, and putting them on a blank calendar so I could literally "check" off when I completed a dose of whichever medication, I looked at the February calendar. I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw when my first Lupron injection was. Not because I am nervous about shots, but I can't believe we are getting so close to our transfer. When you start injections for EA, you know you are almost there. So guess what? I start Lupron....ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!

Butterflies I tell you! I am so excited over here! Am I happy dancing I am going to be poking my belly with that Lupron needle? You betcha. Uh, but don't be looking for a happy dance post in mid-March when I have to start PIO (Progesterone shots) in my buttocks with a meat thermometer giant needle. ;)

One more week until Lupron my friends!!


  1. Yeah... the Lupron shots were almost kinda "fun", feeling like they were just an indicator that we were close to the transfer. The PIO shots are another deal entirely! Ha! I am about 5 weeks in and will be SO very happy to not have these to deal with anymore! : ) : ) I sure hope you have to take them for a good 9-10 weeks or so as well!

  2. I will never forget! I still have a sore backside from those PIO shots (seriously-I really do!), but they were sooooo worth it!!!
    You are almost there girl!

  3. I enjoyed the lupron injections- so exciting! The PIO on the other hand... not so much!

  4. WOW!! Not much longer now! Super exciting!!!

  5. Wow, so close to transfer! We are enjoying all your updates and will be praying about each step along the way, especially endurance with those yucky PIO shots!

  6. So exciting!! I start those 1 week from today. I think you have blastocysts for transfer though right? We are doing a 3 day transfer. Are you doing assisted hatching on your embies?


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