February 7, 2013

A March FET It Is!

We arrived home late last night. The NEDC and staff are as wonderful as everyone says they are! Seriously!
I will give more details later, but we are a go for a March transfer. We will have our actual date on Friday. In the meantime, I have Rx to pick up locally that I need to start today, a call to the mail order Rx company, medical records release form to fax, a follow up email to a grant we applied for and an return email to send to the nurse at the NEDC.

Busy day! So excited to be moving forward : )


  1. Hooray! I fully expect every detail to fall into place!

  2. How exciting to be moving forward! How is the money coming along? I have been praying that you get all that you need for the transfer.

  3. Great!! I am a lurker and saw your blog on another EA family blog. We are with the NEDC and in the March Transfer too. So excited that in January they had a 73% pregnancy rate.


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