February 9, 2013

40 Days

Today marks 40 days from our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) with our newly adopted babies. I have followers who are all to familiar with EA who are familiar with the medication protocol leading up to transfer day, but there are others who are in the beginning stages of their EA journey who do not know a thing of what it entails. We have other followers who are friends who have reached out to us wanting to understand and learn more about "What happens next now that you have a set date for your FET?" Then there is just the plain fact that I have already found my self looking back at my archives for information about our last FET to share with Dr. K. So, I will share our protocol, and as we get closer, answer some of those questions we have been asked, "Will they transfer all 8?", & "What is the procedure like?"

For now, I will share where we are presently. My last appt was to check several things. One of the main things Dr. K is looking for is a good thick uterine lining. I was on CD21 and he was pleased with my 13mm measurement. He had me on estrogen supplements leading up to that appointment to "ramp" up things in my body. 

I am still on the estrogen (Estrace), though he is weaning me off, while adding in progesterone (Prometrium) to switch gears and encourage my cycle to start. In order to be on schedule for this FET on 3/20, I need to start my cycle tomorrow (Sunday 2/9), but I probably won't start until Monday or Tuesday. The nurse emailed me yesterday and said I "should be fine". Can't say I have ever "wanted" my cycle to show up except the month before our FETs : )

Once my cycle starts, I begin OCPs (ovulation predictor pills). These are given so that the doctor can completely control my cycle day by day. Basically when we get to FET day, the hormones and meds will have "convinced" and set up my body to believe that it is at 5-6 days past fertilization. So, imagine in a woman's body the sperm travels and meets the egg in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg travels down to enter the uterus. On day 5-6, the fertilized egg, which is now an embryo, a very tiny baby, is looking for a place to attach in the uterine lining to hatch and continue growing. This is the situation where we need my body to be. Except in my case, the doctor will place the the tiny babies in my uterine lining through a straw guided by ultrasound. 

So for now, I am on estrogen and progesterone and waiting. My BIG box of meds (including injectables), will arrive this week and as each of those meds are added, I will explain those. Now I am off to make lists of things to do before we leave in March and book airline tickets. I will be preparing as if I will be down hard with morning sickness in April, so I need to get some meals in the freezer and lesson plans put together, oh and plan Rebecca's 13th and Dustin's 18th birthdays which also fall in April. : )

Next post: Our financial surprise... (get ready...it's a biggy)


  1. I can't wait! !!!!! Cliff hangers are not very nice! Haha!

  2. Mean! Mean! Can't wait to hear your surprise!

    1. I guess that was a bit mean huh? How about first thing tomorrow? :)

  3. I'm so thrilled to see God's blessings unfolding in your life! And you certainly left us on a cliffhanger!

    Thanks for detailing your drug protocol - I'm continually surprised by how much different clinics vary their programs. I'm also looking forward to hearing your hopes/goals (and successes!) with these adopted eight embryos.


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