January 31, 2013

We Leave in 5 days!

The time is flying by so far this new year. Here is our January...

  • I have been a busy bee doing office work for hubby for an investment property, his company's 1099/1096 filing, and other odds and ends he delegated to me to handle. 
  • The older three kiddos joined a local choir on Mondays and I am gone most of the day while they have class/practice. 
  • Elizabeth has really jumped in this month in her beginning phonics and math. It's exciting to see her get excited about reading.
  • Dustin completed 6 more hours of college credits with CLEPs in January.
  • Levi & Rebecca started with a new piano instructor this month. They really like his teaching style and are enjoying their lessons & practice.
  • Sarah is EVERYWHERE. She is an adventure novel. Each day is a new chapter!
  • Sarah is talking and adding so many words to her vocabulary. She is so super cute how she expresses herself and talks with her hands just like her momma.
  • Sarah in 2 months time has gone from calling me "Mom" to "Momma" to "Mom-meeeeeee"
  • Rebecca's rabbits are having litter after litter. She has 15 baby rabbits in her rabbitry currently!
  • We had the flu and it took up residence for 2 weeks.
  • We continue to take down trees on the property that slowly died from the drought summer before last.
  • And finally, I am making a list of important items for the sweet family who is coming to stay here with the kiddos while Rhea and I are at our appointment at the NEDC next week. It is only a two  day trip, but there are so many details about what happens in a day at the Robison house to mention it seems! : )
Really, we are leaving in 5 days to fly to Knoxville for our appointment! We are getting so close to our FET!


  1. You will love Dr. K and his staff...they are great!

  2. Safe travels! Look for my girls on the baby bulletin board!


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