November 12, 2012

4 More Days for Our Fundraisers! Look at the Totals So Far!

Pumpkin Bread Orders: 16 loaves (approx. $5 per loaf goes to the adoption fund)

Total donations earned from Pampered Chef Sales: $40

Total given to the AdoptTogether Grant fund: $0

Total donations earned from Just Love Coffee: $10

Grand Total amount raised so far for the adoption fund: $286!

Looking ahead....3 things will end this Thursday, November 15th.

Thursday 11/15 will be the last day to turn in orders for our Pampered Chef Party. So look at your Christmas list and get some people checked off by following the above link!

Also, this Thursday is the last day to turn in pumpkin bread orders and also the last day to earn an entry in our $50 gift card giveaway. See this post for details. 

Our Just Love Coffee fundraiser and the AdoptTogether Grant fund will be on going, so keep coffee and mugs and such in mind for Christmas gifts!

Leave a comment on our FB page or on our blog if you share. 

Thank you everyone for helping us step closer to adopting our babies! 

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