October 4, 2012

Yes, I Have Slept Since Then

Yes, I think I did sleep a lot of those first few weeks after Sarah was born. I also know this year with Sarah has gone by so fast. I only posted a few pictures and updates of Sarah during her first 12 months. I do want to have a few posts included on our blog that include some special moments in Sarah's first year. So, here we go...

Starting around 4 months, we introduced Sarah to the Jumperoo. She never liked the swing, so we weren't thinking she would like the Jumperoo too much. Well, we were WRONG. She LOVED that thing. She would cry if you took her out too early. She would stay in it until she fell asleep like pictured above. You would ask her if she wanted to get out and she shook her head "No"!

Here she is in a 12 second clip of her telling Dustin "no". The quality is poor, but you can see her just the same.

Here are some more happy pics of her with her very favorite toy for months to come until her legs got so long that she couldn't bounce.

Great memories for sure!

**all pics from Feb & Mar 2012**


  1. She is positively yummy! Loved this post so much, especially the video! Luke detested his jumparoo .....

  2. Sydney LOVED her jumper as well! Loving the rewind updates. ;o) I am also excited for your next journey of EA. I can't wait to watch God's plan unfold!


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