October 30, 2012

Sarah's Personality at 13 months

Sarah is our VERY outgoing, friendly to anyone, go-go-go kinda kiddo. She has a sense of adventure I'd love to capture for myself. She is a gift to us in so many ways. Though the way her eyes smile when she smiles can melt any stress away in my adult world. God's graciousness in entrusting this precious little one into our care while she lives on this side of heaven still humbles me more than I can articulate at times.

Here are some snapshots that were taken by a sweet gal who I have loved getting to know for the past couple of years. I am grateful that she helps me capture little moments in our children's lives that might otherwise go unrecorded.

I hope these are rays of sunshine in your day today too!


  1. Oh my! Those blue eyes just melt my heart!!!!!!

  2. Oh my! Those baby blues just melt my heart!

  3. Great pictures! It was SOO great seeing your family this past weekend...it was way too short though. I miss you already but I'm so excited we can stay up-to-date through our blogs :)

  4. Your daughter is adorable :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures! i love her little mischevious smile!


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