October 8, 2012

GIVE 1 -- SAVE 1 Needs you!

I learned about this wonderful website through Ashley. There are several websites for different countries. The website offers encouraging articles and guest posts focusing on adoption. The button above links you to the domestic adoption site. The other really special part of this website is that they highlight one family once a week by posting a submitted short 3-5 video from a family who is in the process of adopting from the United States. The idea is if everyone who watched the video would give $1, what a difference that would make in helping a family adopt!
Right now, the site is need of some guest posts. There are no embryo adoption posts to date and those of you who have adopted through a birth mother or both, please consider submitting one of your past posts. As we have all encouraged each other, now we have an opportunity to encourage a larger adoption community.
Several of you come to mind quickly who have some posts I know would be wonderful to share. In addition to submitting a post on EA, here is a list of what they are looking for:

  • How to choose an adoption agency
  • Older child adoption
  • Adoption from foster care
  • Tips for transitioning
  • How you were lead to adoption
  • Birthparent support and resources
  • Birthparent perspective
  • Adoptee perspective
  • How to prepare extended family for adoption
  • Unique perspectives from transracial families
  • Adoptions of special needs children

So, how about it?? 

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