October 16, 2012

EA#2--Where Shall We Start? (Part 1)

I started to title this "Our 2nd Embryo Adoption (part 1 of __)", but I have no idea how many parts this will take me to unfold. This is an amazing story so far and yet I cannot share everything just yet, but what I can share, I will in the days to come. I have to start somewhere?  

When Sarah was nine months old, Rhea and I were up late one night talking. And though neither of us really remember how the subject came up, we do remember how we were both in full agreement and how our hearts were in the same place on the subject of adopting again. 

Car ride with a nine month old BabyBear

We had a lot of challenging situations presenting themselves at the time and Rhea and I had not had a lot of time to "hang out" and be a couple. It was nice to have some time together and on this particular night we talked about adopting again. As we talked, it was such a sweet time. We decided to be available to the Lord to adopt again, to update our home study, and to post a profile on the Miracles Waiting (MW) website. For those who are not familiar with MW, it is a secure website where people with babies as embryos who are looking to place their embryos in another family can go to read profiles of other families who are wanting to adopt. 

We updated our family profile and photos (to add BabyBear of course), contacted our SW to request a home visit appointment and ask for a checklist of all the papers she would need us to gather, and contacted MW to get information to add our profile. 

Our family profile was published on the MW website and with summer in full swing and Rhea working out of town a lot and Rhea's parents staying with us for a month, nothing else really happened on the adoption front. As the summer progressed, however, we were contacted by a family on the MW website. 


Yes, I am stopping there. Yes, we hear you screaming...

Cliffhanger, I know. But really, if I waited until I typed up the entire story up to date, you might be waiting awhile? 

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