October 12, 2012

Adoption Agreements Are In The Mail

Well, I had these grand visions of taking a picture of Sarah holding our adoption agreements and ready to mail. Elizabeth hated being in the grass or having bare feet on the ground. She would also sit and pose (still does). Sarah? none of the above. NONE. She is busy, curious, adventurous, bold, and blazing forward to see new things wherever she goes. Watch out world!

So, the "vision" I had in my head for the photo of Sarah with the adoption papers to mail did not happen. You know what though, I laughed and so did Levi who was taking the photos. If Sarah had sat  nicely holding the envelope for the picture, that wouldn't have been "Sarah". I am happy to put these in our family album, because I love this little girl and the element of pure excitement she has brought our family!

notice that she doesn't even have her leggings on yet. She is too busy to wait for pants!

So...Our papers are in the mail, our home study rough draft is in my inbox, and I haven't even told you about the details of our adoption? I'd better get to typing!


  1. Love her little (or not so little lol) thighs! So exciting to hear that things are in motion! Details - can't wait to hear details!

  2. Ok...I have taken the bait...

    DO TELL!!!


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