December 1, 2011

Embryo Adoption

These are families who are in the process of adopting through EA, have adopted through EA, or are in the process of adopting again through EA. 

They are listed in no particular order : )

The Thomas Family Chronicles (Kristine) EA twins!
Living Our Miracle (Lara)
A Greater Yes: Our Story of Embryo Adoption (Jess)
Friesen Funny Farm (Angela)  EA triplets!
PinkaDots (Anna)
Snowflakes Are One of a Kind (Emma)
Hands, Hearts, Quiver Full (Jen)
Waiting on God (Britney)
In This Storm (Heather)
Snowflake Family (Jen)
The "Best" is Here (Laura)
Aaron & Jennifer  (Jennifer) EA twins!
Once More (Krisa)
Life With The Shacks! (Elizabeth)
Our Journey to Adopt (Tracey)
Adoption Homestead (Malia)

more coming...needed to stop typing to get little one down for nap : )

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