September 30, 2011

One Month Ago...

...I had my final doctor's appointment.
This is me before I left:

The next evening I left for the hospital to begin our induction.
Here is our final family photo with Baby Girl on the "inside"

Then 65 hours later... I was standing in my family room with our baby (oh so, tired, but sooo very happy & blessed)!


  1. I love seeing the progression! Your little girl is absolutely precious. Congratulations again!!

  2. finally love seeing pics of you!

  3. Great pictures! Praising God today for the way He has blessed your family! I can't wait to hear the birth story : )

  4. so great that you captured these final moments of your pregnancy on camera. thanks for sharing!

  5. Finally.... some pictures of you!! =) I feel like I've finally met you. LOL! Love the pictures, especially the whole family.

  6. Love the pics, Shannon! (As always!) :)


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